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Monday, 12 December 2011

Postcards - Galaxy Note

The Galaxy Note is a wonderful device to take, edit, and share photographs with friends and family. Over the past three months I have been out here in Cairo as part of my gap year. Here are some of the postcards taken over my stay here in Egypt!

Enjoy, and be sure to comment and share!


The moment I bid my parents farewell at the airport for the beginning of my 7 month trip

 Mokattam - up in the mountains over looking the whole of Cairo. In the far distance you can even make out the Pyramids

 The graves of one of the most famous men of Cairo - Al-'Iz Ibn Abd As-Sallam - A man who stoof up against the colonial french powers ruling his country at the time.

Horse riding in front of the 9 Pyramids, a spot where great men like Malcolm X once stood
  A wonderful group of Thai brothers after Eid prayer. After agreeing to take their photo for them, they insisted I joined in for the next one with them all!
 Tahrir Square, November 2011. A part of the people's revolution
 Invited over to a friends house for some stuffed pigeon - Yum!

One of the great Scholars of Yemen is in Town speaking live on MBC1 - And I manage to get front row seats!

Sunset on a boat cruise along the Nile.


  1. Looks like one of the Thai brothers has a Burberry scarf on his shoulder. Very stylish, mA! I can't beleive you ate a pigeon!

  2. Well, it is eid so they would pull out their best of clothes!

    And the pigeon was pretty good :)