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Friday, 16 December 2011

My First Year as a Samsung Mob!ler

Its been an honour and a joy being a Samsung Mob!ler. From the moment I was selected till now, I have relished every moment of it and enjoyed nearly every "mission" given to me. To be honest, it still feels kinda surreal that I'm a Samsung Mob!ler... I still remember the moment I found out I was selected - it made my whole week! As the end of the year approaches, here's a look back at the best bits of my time as a Samsung Mob!ler:

The Beginning:
It all began in the Samsung HQ. It was a long drive down from Birmingham for my first evening with the Samsung (the hour long traffic jam didnt help!). To be honest, I still didnt believe it was all real until I actually got there where I was greeted by the Samsung team and enjoyed the company of my fellow mob!lers. That evening we were introduced to project and informed of the importance of the whole scheme. The best bit was when we were handed our first gadget to test - the Samsung Galaxy Pro. It was funny because I remember checking if it was ours to keep, to which I was smiled at and told "yes" :) What was particularly awesome was they had several competitions that evening to win extra prizes. One particular competition involved playing this drag race game on the mobile with the top two players winning either a bluetooth handset or Take That tickets. After a few attempts, I managed to get the second highest score just before the time was up and ended up winning the handset - the first time my gaming skills has ever earned me something!

(video of the launch)

The Gadgets
By far the most exciting thing about joining the Mob!ler project is receiving the latest Samsung products to test out and enjoy. To date, I have received (in order of when I got them) a Samsung Galaxy Pro, a Galaxy Tab 10.1 and a Galaxy Note. Each device has been a joy to play with as I got the chance to test out their capabilities through each of the missions they set us. Whether it was the phone’s camera to my drawing skills, each was put to the test to see how well it puts out. Here is an unboxing and review video I made - one for my Galaxy Tab and the other for my Galaxy Note

The Missions
For each gadget Samsung would send us, we would be asked to complete various different 'missions' for that device. Depending on the quality of what you made, these missions would be awarded with a certain number of points which can then be used to get new gadgets in their place. My missions varies greatly from designing a poster for your phone to indepth reviews on the product I had. One of the most enjoyable of these was the "Day in the life of" video we were asked to make. At the time it was Ramadan so I decided to show how the phone could be used in different ways throughout the typical day of ramadan.

Another I particularly enjoyed was my recent postcard designing where I took photos of various different locations Ive been to during my gap year in Egypt and designed postcards out of them. Heres a few for you to see:

The Events
As part of the project, Samsung would regularly invite us to attend launch events and other tech related events throughout the year. These were always really fancy do's with lots of money splashed out on the event. Most of these would take place somewhere in London, but for the lucky few who who were selected, you could be chosen to fly across the world to Germany or Korea for an event they held there. Our job would be anything from reporters in the event to just playing around with the gadgets. Sadly, I havent managed to make many of these at all because of my gap year here in Egypt, but I know I will definitely be making my way over to these when I'm Back in the UK!

So there you have, 2011 in a nutshell! Heres to a brilliant year! Hopefully 2012 has even more excitement packed in for us Mob!lers!

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