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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Portable Gaming - Redefined!

Gaming has just taken a giant leap forward! As a kid I would always dream of being able to take my console  around with me so that I can play anywhere I go. Gameboys and PSPs were cool, but they were never quite the same as playing your N64 or Xbox 360. Even the new PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS are a generation behind their comparative consoles currently out in the market... 

But now a solution appears to have been found! Onlive has long been on the radar as having great potential, but now it has made what I believe to be its most significant breakthrough yet! Utilizing the advanced specs of the new tablets out on the market, OnLive will soon be releasing its Apple and Android apps compatible with most tablets and smartphones out in the market. The idea is similar to their previous model - games can be played entirely through an internet connection with all the processing being done by the OnLive systems on the other end. The internet connection simply sends the picture over to you when its done!

So.. why is this significant? With the already proven portability and popularity of tablets, we may have finally found a way to carry round our favourite consoles with us! Moreover, with 3G and 4G internet speeds being around or above 1MB speed, this can truely be more portable than we can imagine and accessible for nearly anywhere youd need it to be! Now you can finally play Batman: Arkham City or LS Noire with graphics and gameplay like the real thing (and not some compromised minuture version!)

Below is a video review by IGN on the latest kit.. definitely check it out and download the app!

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