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Samsung Mobiler
Samsung Mobiler

Friday, 16 December 2011

Holiday Wishlist

Its Christmas time and everyone’s in the buying mood, so I thought I’d think out loud about what gadget I would like Samsung to give me next. To be honest, I probably don’t even need to mention it as Im sure you are all probably already know – yep it’s a certain Nexus Ice Cream Sandwich!

With the latest version of Google’s Android Software exclusively built for the phone, this gorgeous piece of equipment combines the latest in technology to offer the most practical phone yet. Here are some of the key new features which make this phone one of the best in the market:

Icecream Sandwich - Android 4.0
The latest Android system is enough of an addition to make the phone worthwhile! Its elegance and smoothness is a magnificent!

Face Recognition Unlocking
This has been one of the biggest things mentioned about the new nexus - the ability to unlock your phone purely from your face! I always love it when companies take a step forward in a new direction as this can only be good for innovation and technology. As well as this, you can now access key features like texts and call directly from the lock screen - a pretty useful addition!

Android Beam
The biggest new feature of this device is Android Beam - an ability to send items from phones to phone simply by touching them against one another. Though this exists in some ways through bluetooth apps, what is exciting about this is the possibility for the future such as a Mobile Oyster card or Google Wallet; two things already in development. Heres to an exciting future!

Data Usage Settings
Ever been in that situation where you phone bill nearly sends you bankrupt because of going over you allowance somehow? Well now the Nexus has introduced a feature which enable you to stop that happening again as you can set a limit on your total usage.

Apps Management
The Nexus has now improved on the Task managing service found on most android systems. With a simple swipe of the thumb (or finger if you prefer!) you can shut down apps instantly to save that oh-so-precious battery power!

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