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Friday, 26 August 2011

Little Big Planet

Perspective. One of man's greatest greatest gifts. An ability to see something through someone else's eye. This collection of photos explores just that, seeing common objects and landmarks through a different lens!

Each photo was taken using my Samsung Galaxy Pro Camera as part of the Samsung Mobiler Project:

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Tour de Eiffel, Paris

Washington DC

Blue Mosque, Turkey

Windmills, Switzerland

Office Politics

Office Politics II

Yours Sincerely

Moroccan Lanterns



Roses are...




Big Foot



Big Daddy


Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Looking Back!

So its been over a month since the 2011 launch for our Mobiles event on July 7th. Here's a quick look back at the launch:

Friday, 19 August 2011

A Day in the life of... - Ramadan 2011

For my latest blog post, Samsung asked us to produce a video showing a day in our lives. Since it was Ramadan, I thought I would do a video showing all the different stuff I get up to and how I use the Samsung Galaxy Pro.

Apps Mentioned in video:

iQuran (LINK)
Tesbih (LINK)
PremoteDroid (LINK) - Works through Bluetooth and Wifi! Amazing!
Amazon Kindle (LINK)
Adhan Alarm (LINK)
Nearest Masjid (LINK)
Recipes (LINK)

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Games, Games, Games.... The Commuters Guide!!

(Video Review & Guide)

Mobile Gaming - the best thing since sliced bread? Perhaps not, but definitely something that must be in every commuters lunch box (excuse the pun)! But with sooooooooo much choice out there, and with many phones having only a limited memory capacity to store them!, which games are the must haves for commuters?

But before I go into all that, some of you will be wondering how on earth you get games onto your phone! The video above takes you through instructions on how to download games from the Android market to your phone.. Check it out!

So, in no particular order, each of the following games is what I would call a 'Basic Essential' for any commuter to have on their daily commute, each offering one of the 5 daily supplements for a healthy de-stress after work!!

1) Brain Teaser - OpenSudoku 
Early morning start? Brain not quite up to speed? Or want a quiet wind down after a hard days work? Then Sudoku is the thing for you! Already a favourite for the newspaper readers, this brilliant mobile app brings all that to your mobile phone in an elegantly produced app which recreates all that fun and frustration at the tip of your fingers!
Link Here

2) Strategy - Robo Defence (Paid Version - cause its much better!)
This tactical game allows you to build your empire to destroy/protect mankind (depends which angle you see it!) as you sit on the tube on your daily commute! Which other fun packed game offers that eh? With a choice of normal or survival modes and a massive variety of levels and upgrades, this is bound to keep you playing for a long time to come

3) Sporting Fun - Homerun Battle 3D
This nifty game brings wii sports to your mobile phone with an exquisite combination of motion-sensor and touch screen controls. Move the mobile to aim and press to smash the ball for a home-run! And with an amazing online multiplayer feature on the paid version, you really cant go wrong with it!
Link Here

4) Multiplayer - 2 Player Reactor
Forget your travel monopoly or scrabble? Not to worry, cause this game is much more fun! Compete with a friend to see whos reactions are faster with around 14 different levels. Truely a superb game all for free - with a 4 player version if your willing to fork out a few £
Link Here

5) Single Player - Angry Birds
Yes, this game needs no introduction. By now it should come as default with each smartphone as it has become that "standard". But it remains as one of the best and most entertaining games to play on your daily commute. Who can beat throwing angry birds at fat pigs eh!?
Link Here