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Monday, 31 October 2011

Galaxy Tab 10.1 Poster - Something for Everyone

ChatOn - Samsung's New BBM

Samsung's recent launch of ChatOn is welcome news to the growing market rival in the Smartphone world. Moreover, blackberry's nightmare crash of all its neworks could only be good news for Samsung fans! Perhaps that will now aide the success of this new chat service - something which relies on other people using the software for it to be a success. Perhaps Samsung could learn from the success of Whatsapp and other similar apps which have developed a cross phone functionality to really make this useful! We'll have to wait and see how it fares!

Ice Cream Sandwich Anyone?

So, its now official - samsung will be producing the next Nexus phone and it will come with the all new Android 4.0 OS - aka. Ice Cream Sandwich... 

Now, I bet I know what your thinking - who doesnt like ice cream sandwiches! And I also know that other thought - WOW!

Well.. your just about to be wow'd even further as Engadget have managed to get their hands on the phone and demonstrate what it can do! Pretty amazing!

Samsung Galaxy Nexus with Ice Cream Sandwich hands-on (video)

Remember the Droid RAZR? That's so yesterday. Or, earlier today. Whatever. The point is, Samsung's just busted out the planet's first Ice Cream Sandwich-based smartphone here in Hong Kong, a few days late but hardly worse for the wear. The Galaxy Nexus (formerly referred to as the Nexus Prime) carries on the Nexus torch in spectacular fashion, and we've just spent a few quality moments with one here at the launch event. Design-wise, it's clear that the Nexus S DNA is here, though the rear reminds us most of the Galaxy S II. Those who abhor physical buttons will also be delighted, and while we'd gotten used to the whole Power + Home for a screenshot on the GSII, Power + Volume Down works just fine on this fellow.

The 1.2GHz dual-core processor was startlingly fast. It actually felt a wee bit quicker than our Galaxy S II, and given that Ice Cream Sandwich and the Galaxy Nexus were apparently built for one another, we're assuming there's some deeply ingrained optimizations to thank. Swiping from pane to pane was faster than its ever been on Android, and the new Roboto font actually is super eye-pleasing. The touch response of the capacitive buttons -- much like those on the original Nexus One -- take a bit of getting used to, and we had to mash 'em just a touch harder than we anticipated to elicit a response. [Update: turns out our demo phone was a bit of an early build; we touched another model later in the day, and our response gripes were gone. Perfectly responsive. Hopefully that's the one that'll ship out.] Not necessarily a bad thing, just a thing worth noting. We've built our impressions after the break, replete with a video. Enjoy!

The overall phone feels adequately thin, and while the 4.65-inch display sounds gargantuan, the handset itself doesn't feel so massive to hold. Until, of course, you grab the comparatively minuscule Nexus One. Still, we've been clamoring for a 1,280 x 720 display on a smartphone for what feels like forever, and now that it's here on the Galaxy Nexus, we aren't about to kvetch. Indeed, the panel looks downright gorgeous, with unbeatable viewing angles, remarkably crisp text and graphics and a beautiful feel as one swipes across it. The fingerprint magnet that is a glossy overcoat is still here, but it's the only feel niggle we've found on the screen as a whole.

Having the 3.5mm headphone jack on the rear seems like a necessary design choice given the tapering at the top, and unlike that other phone, there's no mute switch here -- you'll just have to hold the Volume Down button for a few seconds. The rear cover pops off in similar fashion to the Galaxy S II, but the ridged plastic cover has a far softer touch than the aforesaid contemporary. The camera is also situated right in the center, with branding kept to a minimum. Oddly enough, we're being told by Samsung that two models will be available in terms of capacity -- a 16 gigger and a 32GB sibling -- but neither will have a microSD slot for adding your own expansion.

The lack of a physical Home button may be disorienting for Galaxy S II loyalists, but the Galaxy Nexus is truly the first smartphone that expresses Google's desire to make "one Android for all" -- a mantra we heard about at Google I/O, but haven't seen birthed into anything until today. Digging into theparticulars of Ice Cream Sandwich a bit, it's clear that folks who aren't elevated to Android 4.0 (we're still waiting on word of what phones will and won't make the leap) will be missing out on a fair bit. Face Unlock isn't particularly special in our estimation -- typical laptops have been using this forever, and we've never found 'em to be entirely intuitive. However, the bump-to-share functionality that was lost when webOS croaked will undoubtedly be cause for celebration. Also, just so it's known, the Galaxy Nexus we played with here was running Android 4.0.1.

The data usage manager is a total godsend in this nasty, depressing world of tiers, and while apps have done similar things for quite some time, tight integration like this is hugely appreciated. We found in our play time that ICS was amazingly responsive in every aspect. Swiping was a breeze. Gestures worked beautifully. The entire experience just felt polished. In a way, it's as if Android's growing a bit and maturing before our eyes, and it's obvious that Goog's focused on making its mobile OS as "enchanting" (Google's word, not ours) as iOS seems to be.

Overall, we're thrilled with how the first ICS handset has turned out. It's understated, sleek, beautiful and packs a display that's destined to drop jaws. Now, if only we knew how much, and what carriers...

Check out the rest of our Galaxy Nexus coverage right here!

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 - Apps & Features

The Samsung Galaxy Tab can do so much.. Heres a wonderful video illustrating just some of those features

Thin, Fast & Powerful eh?

Three qualities we often quote for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, but what do we really mean? Well, let's compare it to some real life example:

So the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is thin:

Now, that may not be as thin as this:

..but then again, few things are!
But when you compare it to an apple: can clearly see who the market leader is!

Next, its fast! Just watch how quickly this swipe works on the Tab!:

This speed is exactly what is needed when travelling through any galaxy. To travel to the sun at the speed of light takes 8mins - by a normal space shuttle takes several years! 
Now, I dont want to bore you, but there some more details here if you want to find out more:

Finally, the Tab is Powerful. It can handle so much at the same time - the sign of real strength.

When you combine this power with its speed, thinness and lots of trial and error, you can cut straight through any Apple product. Just have a look:

Samsung Galaxy Note vs iPhone 4S

So the next wave of smartphone battles awaits us. Each of the big flagships are releasing highly anticipated new products. In the red corner, current heavyweight champion 'Apple's iPhone 4s' weighing in with the largest share of the market. And in the blue corner, the rising Korean superstar 'Samsung Galaxy Note' heavily tipped to be the next big player. Lets get ready to Rummbleeeeeeeeeeee!!



Samsung Galaxy Note

Apple I Phone 4S
Screen Size
5.3 Inches
3.5 Inches
1280 x 800
960 x 640
Rear Camera
8 MP with Auto Focus & LED Flash
8 MP with Auto Focus & LED Flash
Front Camera
2 MP
1.4 GHz Dual Core
A5 Dual Core ( 1 GHz )
2,500 mAh
1420 mAh
178 grams
140 grams
9.7 mm
9.3 mm
16GB w/ micro SD support
1 GB
512 MB
Operating System
Android 2.3 w/TouchWiz UX
iOS 5


The biggest points (quite literally) go to Samsung for their spectacular screen which offers stunning clarity and beauty through its Super-Amoled 5.3inch HD Screen, a whole 2inches bigger than the iPhone 4S! To me, thats a big bonus as it means more comfortable viewing and easier all round use of the Phone

Whilst the Samsung does get the points on the screen, the iPhone does manage to get a few counters in when struck down! Its smaller screen makes it far more portable than the Galaxy Note and its lower resolution is sure to preserve battery life during usage. 
A personal bias perhaps, but to me the android operating system just tips the iOS5 of the iPhone. I far prefer a system with widgets and customisation than just a homescreen full of apps! 

But for every downside is a positive! The more simplistic nature of the iPhone 4S makes it much smoother and easier to use! For that reason (and this being a 'practical blog' after all!), many people will prefer the iPhone OS

Both cameras have taken a step forward in comparison to their predecessors. Now each have integrated 1080P video capabilities into their phones. iPhone 4s continues to wow with its picture quality and lens speed, whilst samsungs additional features like panoramic picture is a wonderful addition to the phone

Heres a video taken from each of the phones (plus the Galaxy SII) to see for yourself:

Overall, its a Tie on this one 

Each phone has its strengths and weaknesses and both are highly impressive pieces of technology. If your looking for a technological powerhouse, the Note definately comes out on top with its superior screen, note taking abilities and software system. But if you want a smaller phone which does everything well and easy to use, an iPhone 4S will do nicely!

Samsung's #1

Its been a while coming. The growth of Android has been unprecedented and Samsung's products are known as the premium products for the software. What's even more exciting is that neither brands are sitting still. With the release of the iPhone 4S, Samsung Note and Samsung Nexus phones, there is much yet to change!


Samsung overtakes Apple in smartphone shipments

Samsung had 24% of the global smartphone market in the third quarter of the year

Samsung overtook Apple to become the world's biggest shipper of smartphones between July and September.
Research from Strategy Analytics showed that Samsung shipped 27.8 million smartphones in the three-month period, compared with 17.1 million from Apple and 16.8 million from Nokia.
The consultancy said Apple's growth was hindered by customers waiting for the launch of the new iPhone 4S.
Apple's number four slot in total handsets was taken by China's ZTE.
Nokia was the top handset shipper with a 27.3% market share, followed by Samsung with 22.6% and LG with 5.4%.
ZTE took 4.7%, pushing Apple into fifth place with 4.4%.
The report came shortly after the release of Samsung's third-quarter results, which showed profits falling 23% as strong growth in its mobile phone business was overshadowed by a poor performance in the memory chip arm.

Global smartphone shipments Q3 2011

CompanyShipments (millions)Market share
Handset profits more than doubled to 2.52tn won ($2.3bn; £1.4bn) on strong sales from its Galaxy smartphones.
"Samsung's rise has been driven by a blend of elegant hardware designs, popular Android services, memorable sub-brands and extensive global distribution," said Alex Spektor from Strategy Analytics.
"Samsung has demonstrated that it is possible, at least in the short term, to differentiate and grow by using the Android ecosystem."
A total of 117 million smartphones were shipped in the third quarter, up 44% from the same period last year.
Nokia's market share for smartphones fell from 33% in the third quarter of 2010 to to 14% this time round.
"The transition from Symbian to Microsoft as Nokia's main smartphone platform has clearly been a very challenging process this year," said Tom Kang from Strategy Analytics.
"The recent launch of the new Microsoft Lumia portfolio has helped to raise Nokia's profile."

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Review

So here it is - the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1! What a wonderful piece of technology which most certainly lives up to the hype! Enjoyed every moment of playing with it as its many feautures are just supreme

The videos a bit long, but its comprehensive. The aim is to look at this gadget from a practical perspective for every day use! I hope you enjoy it!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Monday, 10 October 2011

Youtube - The Top 5

Youtube - easily one of the best websites ever invented. From procrastination to toppling dictatorships, its played a part in pretty much everything in the modern world!

On a personal level, I cant live without it. Constantly uploading stuff and watching new videos, its opened up a whole new door of social media to the world. I must have seen thousands (if not millions!) of videos by now, so picking a top 5 isnt easy! But theres always the few that stand out.. Here are mine (in no particular order):

1- T-Mobile's Parking Ticket
Rarely has a commercial angered and delighted so many people in one go. I dont think a single person didnt cringe in the beginning as you recall your own parking ticket experiences. The ending is just supreme!

2 - Smithy at Sports Relief II
The first one was supreme, the second was beyond words! There are so many moments in this video that you just cry with laughter its unreal. And to think this was actually done at the sports personality awards is amazing. Deserves a 10th viewing to be honest! 

3- BBC (Fake) Trader
For that one moment, the whole of the world thought "Finally, someone speaking the truth". The look of shock on the BBC presenters face and the utterance of something so many people already know but never hear was astonishing! Facebook hit in minutes! Shame it turns out it was a sham... still makes good youtube viewing though!

4- Jesus and the Third Loaf of Bread
This video captivated audiences all over as a universal message of brotherhood and concern was spoken but someone both Christians and Muslims love. The idea of text animation led to many others following suit, but this one remains a country mile ahead of the rest!

5- Mortal Kombat - Rebirth
To think this was just a fanmade video is unreal. The idea that this sparked off a Web series and now a third film is astounding! Shows the power of Youtube success videos. But then when you watch it you can quickly see why.. amazing!

Thursday, 6 October 2011

A Wonderful Gift!


I've been waiting for the chance to get my hands on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 since I first saw it on my first day at the Samsung Head Quarters. When I flew out to Cairo for my year abroad, it seemed my chance had gone as it would be difficult to get anything out to me here. But where there's a will there's a way!

On Wednesday I found out I would be getting the Tab, Thursday I found out a friend would be flying to Egypt, Friday I got the item posted to them which arrived at theirs on Saturday, they flew out on Sunday and I collected it on Tuesday!

SO now the fun begins - the chance to test it out here in EGYPT!