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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Blackberry RIM vs Samsung Galaxy Pro

As a former Blackberry user, I can appreciate why the company has held a strong grip over the market for so long. So how does the new Galaxy pro compare to the giant RIM

One-up – The positives

Undoubtedly, the Android software on the Galaxy pro by far out performs the RIM interface on the Blackberry. Its smooth, elegant and is far less likely to crash than the blackberry phones. The Android Market Provides over 200,000 apps to choose from (most of which are free!) and flash support makes browsing the web oh so much easier! The User Interface and software alone is enough of a reason for users to switch from RIM to Android!

Touch Screen
Though many phones are now moving to this combination, I have yet to see a Blackberry phone to combine the quality of the touch screen as the Galaxy Pro. Perhaps the new phones RIM are releasing will be better equipped to the challenge, but for now The Galaxy pro has One-Up on its rival!

Under the Bonnet
The Galaxy Pro’s 800Mhz processor gives it a smooth elegance that allows a user to easily glide between emails, surfing the web and photo albums without the worry of it crashing. Of course, this is still smaller than many of the smart phones that are out there, but by comparison to the blackberry’s, its right up there with the best!

The Social Hub
A unique feature to Samsung Galaxy Pro which provides a beautiful interface to connect all your social networking under one app, saving massive amounts of batter life. Brilliant!

Work Use
Galaxy pro provide as default a full office suite, allowing users to view, edit and create Word, PowerPoint and Excel sheets. That’s a £30 added bonus that the RIM usually charge for!

With a far bigger keypad, typing feels so much more natural with the galaxy pro than any blackberry I’ve used without making the phone that much bigger!  Although the bottom row does feel out of place, I’m sure it’s a trade-off people will be willing to make. Besides, it is something users will (eventually) get used to.

One of the great benefits of Android is the ease of which Multi-tasking is possible. With the taskbar at the top, switching between apps and checking emails is very easy. RIM have a long way to go to catch up Android with this respect!

One Down – The Negatives

For all the things they’ve done right, the camera really isn’t one of them. At 3MP its lacking behind many of the Blackberrys out there and the speed of the capture is a nightmare. To top it off, there is no physical button to press to take the photo other than the one on the screen. One Down!

Blackberry Messenger (BBM)
For Young people out there, BBM will remain the primary reason for why a blackberry surpasses all other phones. The free phone messenger service is a massive cost saver for young people, the vast number of Blackberry users makes it useful and the elegance of how it works surpasses its rivals like Whatsapp. This remains the biggest challenge to companies wishing to convert Blackberry users to their own brand.

Email Effectiveness
Though Samsung have done a masterful job of the push email system, Its still missing small things like the flashing LED light when you get a new email the username interface blackberry gives to reading emails. I guess this all depends on tastes though

Screen Resolution
The Samsung Galaxy Pro offers a very low resolution screen in comparison to many of the new Blackberry’s. This is quite surprising considering Samsung’s other products which pride themselves on their state of the art screen.

Samsung Galaxy Pro – The Review

The Samsung Galaxy Pro is a phone with a different appeal. Its large keyboard and touchscreen interface offer the best of both worlds and its push email interface works a treat. But how does it compare with its biggest competitor in this industry – Blackberry’s RIM? Here’s a breakdown of the key features of the Samsung Galaxy Pro:

The Brilliant
-          Ease of Use – As soon as you take it out of the box, Android effortlessly guides you through the set up. Simples!

-          Touch Screen Interface – Works better than I ever thought it would! Its just as responsive as any touch screen phone I’ve used and combined brilliantly with the keyboard. Blows the light right out of the blackberry torch!

-          Contact transfers – The most annoying thing about changing phones is transferring emails, contacts and so on. Well, with Androids background sync, all you need to worry about is knowing your password and voila – it’s all there in a flash! I was actually using two phones simultaneously and my contacts and emails updated across all of them!

-          Free Office as standard! – Now you can immediately view, create and edit all Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. Works a treat!

The Good:
-          Battery is immense – On the first charge it lasted more that 48hrs or medium use. That’s more than most smart phones today!

-          Email works well – The push email feature works perfect with both the default Android gmail tool and the Samsung own made email feature working brilliantly!

-          Android Platform - Better Apps + easy software to use = better feature!

-          Navigation works well – Very easy to navigate and get round the phone with things quite intuitive!
-          Nice size, weight and shape – Though the plastic feels a bit cheap, the phone does feel nice in your hands and the weight of it is perfect

-          Keys are very comfortable – The keys are noticeable bigger than a blackberry without making the phone any bigger, making typing much easier!

-          Samsung Social Hub – Combines all the social networking into one tool, though it can lead to a duplication in messages and notifications!

The Not So Good
-          USB connection point – This is located at the top of the phone. This makes it really awkward to talk on the phone whilst charging it (though it does beat having it on the side of the phone which makes no sense!

-          No Multi-touch – As a practical person, I like to just be able to pinch and zoom my way around. Well here you can’t which is annoying. Also some of the games which require multi-touch won’t work on the platform. 

-          The Camera - incredibly slow camera focus and no physical button to press aside from the one on the screen! Takes more than a second between pressing the button and taking the photo which is incredibly irritating. It also immediately hides the photo after you take it to get you ready for the next one which can be good and bad, but when the phone takes a week take a photo, you want to make sure it came out ok before moving on to the next. There is also no flash on the camera – why??

-          Bottom row in the wrong place – This may be a personal preference and Im sure its something you get used to eventually, but the bottow row has shifted once to the left which make typing a nightmare! The ‘M’ is below the ‘J’ instead of the ‘K’ and so on, making typing an irritating task!

-          Small internal memory – From past experience with Android software, it becomes incredible irritating when the internal memory is small because its so easy to fill up! You end up spending a lot of time deciding what to uninstall in order for your phone to go back to normal! 

A Sample of the Samsung Galaxy Pro Picture Quality