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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Charactures - Drawings on the Galaxy Note

With the new Samsung Galaxy Note, drawing has been made really easy with its wonderful pen tool. Here's a few caricatures and paintings my friends made whilst playing around on the Galaxy Note. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Could Google wallet bring more cash for Samsung?

Its partnership with Google Android has already proven fruitful as Samsung grows to be one of the market leaders in the smartphone market. With Google's constant new innovations, this has consistently brought benefits to all those providing the android system. So will its latest product, the google wallet, prove to be more of the same for Samsung - which is one of the only providers of the service - or is one step to far for risk averse shoppers?

Google Wallet to Pay Customers to Spur Growth

Google Wallet to Pay Customers to Spur Growth

Google Wallet plans to give customers $10 to try its new NFC service, as the company aims to spur growth following initially slow adoption.

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"We're excited to give you a chance to try out Google Wallet and experience paying with a mobile phone," the search giant blogged.

Google intends to offer this deal at select stores in five U.S. cities before the holidays. Google employees will travel to New York, Chicago, San Francisco, L.A. and Washington, D.C. to host demonstrations and help customers make trial payments from Samsung Nexus S demo devices.

Among participating merchants are Jamba Juice, Walgreens, Peet's Coffee & Tea, and many others. Sprint and Samsung are also set to participate in the demos, scheduled for various weeks between now and January 12.

Google's move to showcase Wallet follows the service's weak adoption, which likely results from its limited reach on few handsets, but may grow as NFC becomes more popular.

For now Wallet is only available on the Samsung's Nexus S, one of the few NFC-equipped handsets on the market. In addition, just a handful of merchants possess the often-expensive NFC-enabled payment terminals necessary for customers to use the service.

Wallet may expand to other smartphones and merchants soon, now that industry group NFC Forum has gained support from Isis. The coalition of credit card companies, carriers and smartphone makers may help the Forum standardize wireless mobile payment technology enough that manufacturers and stores become eager to invest in NFC chips and terminals.
Wallet is also limited in that it supports just two payment methods, Citi MasterCard and Google pre-paid cards. Rival mobile payment companies Square and PayPal, which don't use NFC technology in their systems, allow all major credit cards, putting Wallet at a possible disadvantage.

But the search giant reported licensing Visa's PayWave, which would let Wallet work at thousands of payment terminals already equipped with Visa technology. Google also says it has plans to bring Visa, Discover and American Express on board in the future.

In the meantime, Google may spur enthusiasm for its Wallet service with a $10 promotion during the holiday shopping season. The company will need more than justfeatured offers in the long term, however, if it desires to make a sizeable dent in the mobile payment industry.

Samsung + Juniper = Positive Synergies!!

So Samsung has teamed up with Juniper - the mobile security and networking specifalist. This should make for an interesting jump in the Business market following Blackberry's crash in its network just last month. The partnership will provide greater control for businesses over their phones and security and allow for better remote access to content. Lets wait and see how this pans out!


Samsung teams up with Juniper to secure content on the Galaxy Note, Galaxy Tab

Juniper Networks' Junos Pulse is already available on the iPad
Samsung has signed a deal with networking specialists Juniper Networks to provide business customers with advanced VPN and security features for their mobile Android devices.

The companies have extended their existing relationship to take Juniper’s Junos Pulse, a mobile security and management platform, to the Galaxy Note, Galaxy S II smartphone and Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet.

The software integration provides a secure Layer 3 SSL VPN connection, so that the mobile users can interact securely with their enterprise networks, while also allowing IT administrators to remotely scan systems for malware, and manage and remove software. Applications can also be removed without the user’s consent.

Although this announcement is unlikely to be of any significance to most consumers, the news is more crucial for business IT departments, who have so far been slow to test and deploy Android smartphones and tablets.

"Juniper and Samsung are committed to a partnership wherein the two companies will continue to deliver secure, business-ready solutions enhancing security posture for enterprises and enabling new differentiated offerings for service providers”, said Sanjay Beri, vice president and general manager of the Junos Pulse business unit at Juniper Networks.

"We are delighted to partner with Juniper Networks using their Junos Pulse technology as they understand the needs of consumers and enterprise IT leaders in an increasingly mobile world that requires mobile security and device management”, added Jongshin Kim, vice president of the media solution center at Samsung Electronics.

In addition to Android, Junos Pulse is offered for iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry devices.
International Editor of TabTimes

What the future holds...

Its always tough to think where the future of mobile phones will be especially when you consider how far along we have come along in just the last 10 years. I recently saw a Tedx video on a gadget which will truly revolutionise communication and technology. This technology combined a camera, a phone, a projector and the internet in a way that has never been done before to produce something really quire remarkable:

(Tedx link here)

So the question is, what does the future hold? Obviously thats pretty much impossible to answer.. Theres a pretty cool website ( which looks into some concept phones of what may be coming out in the coming years. Also, there is the now infamous video of the iPhone 5 concept phone which seems to be pushing the boundries of what is possible:

A far more interesting question for now is what can we hope for the future? This opens scope for our own thoughts and perspectives of what we wish to see in the coming years. Heres my thoughts over the time periods:

Short Term Future:

  • My hope for the near future is to see a real synergy between the computer and the tablet. At the moment, the Tablet seems to be quite a standalone product in terms of what it can do and how it runs. Much of the flexibility we know and love about PCs doesn't exist on a tablet with programmes restricted to apps available on a market. 
  • I want a Tablet which can play any video without the worry of converting it to the right format. 
  • I want a tablet which has the freedom to fully multitask. 
  • I want a tablet which can run advanced programmes for editing, designing and gaming.
  • I want the Tablet to develop a self-contained mouse and keyboard system which is as comfortable as a PC without the need to carry extra equipment. 
Mobile Phones
  • Touch screen mobiles have come a long way, but I still think there is a lot to develop. Typing is still an issue for many people as the touch screen just doesn't have the same feel or speed as buttons. I saw a piece of technology on BBC's Click which mentioned an introduction of 'button feel' to touch screens - will be interesting to see how that develops. 
  • I think 3D technology is beginning to gain popularity when the glasses idea is removed. Perhaps we can see that better integrated to phones to see how that develops
  • Multi-player functionality is still scarce for many phones. Perhaps we will see some development in the app market to allow for more of this
  • The Galaxy Note reintroduces a concept which previously never worked but is a common problem - writing on the phone. I would like to see a better way of typing on the phone other than the 3.5inch screen we currently have to work with!
  • Typing is a thing of the past as voice technology is developed properly and works! 

Distant Future
  • Why should we restrict phone technology to the screen? Maybe in the future we'll see a better use of Holograms or video imagery to allow the screen to come out to us. Or maybe we can find a way of seeing the image directly before us rather than it appearing through the 3.5inch screen?
  • Phones should be a thing of the past. Everyone will be able to teleport to the person they want to talk to so there is no need to call them!
  • A movie isn't a movie but a real life story which pans out in front of you. Through your phone/tablet, you actually become part of the movie as you sit there and watch what goes on around you!
  • We can make inter-galactic calls to other planets where people now live - I wonder what the call charge would be!

Those are just some of my ideas and thoughts! Let me know what you think and any suggestions you may have!


Being a massive fan of technology, appreciating the finer dimensions that come with each new piece of kit is vital. Its often the things that you don't notice or think of explicitly that make you satisfied with a new piece of kit, things like how it feels in your hand when your using it, how easy it is to call/text someone, how light it is to carry around and so on. These dimensions have come to be recognised by all the major companies as key and gave birth to a science which costs millions to firms in R&D - Ergonomics.

Ergonomics is the study of efficiency in working environments - or more simply put; how easy something is to use and how nice it feels. Over the years, so many people have got it right and so many got it wrong. Here's a look at some of the things which really stood out and some of the not so good ideas:

The iPhone

The launch of the iPhone triggered a catalyst of touch screen phones from every company. The touch screen concept had existed for many years but had never really taken off. It was too impractical and inaccurate with the stylus just making its too impractical to use. Steve Job's ingenious invention revolutionised the idea of a touchscreen. It made it simple, easy and efficient - the definition of ergonomics. Nowadays it seems rarer to find a phone with keys than without; a testimony to the success of the ergonomic masterpiece!

The Xbox 360 Controller

Learning from their previous mistakes, Microsoft went back to the drawing board and produced what I think is the masterpiece of all controllers. Its elegant, smooth and light feel combine to just make the perfect gaming experience... AND, the joystick is in the natural place where the thumb is rather than down below.
- I'll leave it at that before I spark a turf war between PS3 and Xbox fans! 


For me, the idea of the mouse is exceptional. It offers complete control of your computer with pinpoint accuracy and is easily configured for left or right hand use. Even as new technology has developed, the place for the mouse has never gone as its use is just indispensable. So simple yet so brilliant

Got it wrong

The N64 Controller

Don't get me wrong, im an N64 fanboy all the way... but you have to admit, the controller was odd. The D-pad was basically unusable when playing and the L-button was a stretch. I remember trying to play Turok and the controls were just a nightmare because you needed the D-pad and the joystick! Then theres the combination of the C-buttons and the A&B buttons.. 6 buttons for one thumb was too many! Overall - not a good controller!

The Joystick

Another controller which for me never took off was the joystick. Good as a concept/gimmick when you want to feel like some spaceship commander, the novelty quickly wears off when you realise you have to sit at a table to use it properly and playing FIFA is a constant disadvantage.. We would always fight to use the keyboard as kids!

Clamshell Phones

For me, you see the clamshell on a movie and it looks cool, but it never really works as a phone. For starters it makes it twice as think to carry around and its constantly susceptible to breaking in the middle. Then there's the whole fact that if you ever wanted to use it you had to open it up... That makes the "texting whilst not looking" a whole lot harder as you always had to open it up! Not good when your in school trying to text your mate without being caught.